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Orage x Adventures In Transition season recap

. So incredibly happy to announce this video, its been a long time coming! This is a special little feature we put together with Orage as a look at my past winter/spring/summer. I hope this helps everyone get their winter fix as I know the snows right around the corner. Hope you enjoy!


.in case you missed them.

.three videos from the past few weeks.


.Adventures in Transition II. Episode I

.Season II has begun! Not a ton to say exept I hope you all have as much fun watching it as I had making it.  Jake Strassman again showing his unmatched skill in filming and editing, these videos wouldn’t happen without you.

.always feel free to comment.

Adventures in Transition II: Episode I


Much like everywhere else at the moment winter has yet to hit Colorado with its full fury. Fortunately for those of us in Colorado our resorts have the snow making capabilities and the sheer drive to build colossal park set ups. Without a doubt we are in the best place you could be for the start of the season. Even with a lack of white stuff we have been dedicated to getting shots and showing that it doesn’t take a whole lot to enjoy yourself. Between Breckenridge and Keystone we filmed this early season video of nothing absolutely breathtaking but mainly keeping our eye on the fun you can have in any aspect of winter. Even when conditions could be much more favorable.

At minute 2:42 when I come in contact with the little kid, I want to assure everyone that he was not injured. He actually got up way quicker then I did and his parents made sure that I was alright. Thankfully everyone walked away in one piece!


– banks


Adventures in transition VII part II

. well I’m a bit short on words right now. we just dropped the first revamped version of Adventures in Transition and the feedback has been insanely positive. things have changed a lot and to put it as simply as possible, it looks like a new web series. the production quality has been up’d ten fold now that star filmer/editor Jake Strassman took the reins. all i have to say at this point is thanks everyone for the views and the likes and i hope to keep you entertained for years to come! here she is!

.Adventures in Transition VII part II.


thanks all!

– banks


.adventures in transition VII part 1.

.part one of the seventh Adventures in Transitions brings Stefi and myself on a road trip through my home land of Idaho, then on up through Seattle, Vancouver and then finally into Whistler. hope you enjoy the copious amounts of skating, beautiful places, and fun all to the tune of coles banjo. part two will be the remainder of the summer which was spent between Whistler and Hood getting that sunny shred on!



.thanks for watching!



.adventures in transition VI.

.here at last! the final winter installment of adventures in transition comes from the final days at breck as well as some skating with friends near boulder. please, feel free to pass this video around. i put special care into making number six, my goal was to make it the most legitimate of the series and also pass a message. that message was that no matter if its skiing, snowboarding or skating we all share a common passion and that is our love for adventure and just pure excitement. hopefully you feel the same way as i do after watching this and i hope it makes you want to get out there and adventure in some different transition of your own.



.adventures in transition V.

Sun and fun at keystone! Maybe a bit of skating in there too!

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